Culinary Concepts MACC

Culinary Consultant


Culinary Concepts MACC

Culinary Consultant

Culinary Concepts, MACC founded by Matthew Antonovich, An accomplished Executive chef. American Culinary Federation certified CEC in 2003 with 22 years experience creating extraordinary cuisine. Provides food service consulting and is a food service adviser at the CEO and senior management level. Bringing the vision to the brand by leading the leaders to the right culinary answers. 


What Are We Passionate About?

What Are We Passionate About?

What Are We Passionate About?

Culinary Innovation

Culinary experts with industry hands on experience.

Multiple Concept Experience.

Make Brand Relevant

Product Revitalization Through New Product Development

Providing culinary leadership for Fortune 500 Companies, National Food Chains, Manufacturing & Commercialization.

Working at the CEO Level to provide Marketing path and direction.

Making precise decisions with "Out of the Box" thinking.

Food Coach

Corporate Chef with 22 years experience as Culinary Voice.

Advising all Brands from Quick Serve, Fast Casual Fine, Casual Dining Chains, Italian Concepts, Prime Steakhouse & Seafood Independents,

Consumer Partner

Consumer Test & Selection Process to meet consumer demand.

Bench Work Ideation to Commercialization.

Windshield Survey Profiling.

Product Delivery Ready for Cross Culture Execution.

Culinary Theater

Culinary Coach with enthusiastic approach to Teaching Ownership of New Product Development.

Culinary Support for Transfer to Culinary.

Product Demonstration and Training.

Key Accountability

Responsible to "Develop and Bring" Brand relevant Culinary on Trend New Products.

Provide relevant and successful Pipeline of Products.

Develop Systems to introduce New Products.









Define Your Idea and Plan Attack:

  • We Partner with your Team

  • Concept plan with leadership team

  • Plan our Attack

  • Execute to Drive "Culinary Direction"

  • Review Input & Refine

  • Provide Marketing Map & Timeline in "Written Format"

  • Fit Strategy withConcept ensuring culinary integrity, operational feasibility and financial viability

  • Ensure new concept has balance for your specific business priorities.

  • Partner with Consumer Study (i.e. panel, food quantitative and qualitative studies)

  • Consumer Qualify (sensory guest appeal, gross margin versus value financial analysis, final choice)


Create Best of Species

Product Development:

  • Be on "Trend" Collaborate in selecting high-potential product and menu concepts

  • Create ideas based on your "Brand" research

  • Provide a variety of Concepts based on 1., Consumer, 2. Financial, 3. Operational Strategies.

  • Set Priority and Time Line Direction: Set benchmark for results and strategic direction

  • Develop the new products or rework improvements to existing products

  • Initiate action plan for development of multiple prototype concepts and deliver on agreed concept strategy

  • Provide all training materials: menu description, recipes, food cost, operational feasibility, and financial realities

  • Liaison with Supply Chain with Sourcing and Quality Assurance

  • Identify "Best of Species" and "Best Fit" based on "Gold Standard".

  • Support Vendor Selection Process (provided support for potential supplier)

  • Work with your Supply Chain on vendor support and evaluation process (to manufacture products in commercialization effort)

  • Provide your leadership hand off (support your organization in the execution of culinary and consumer testing to validate prototype

  • Evaluate finished delivery and performance on key attributes and goals met.

  • Rework and follow up study and assessment of performance and key successes

  • Responsible for owning start to finish job scope.

  • Available to support continued improvements and performance of concepts.

  • Available to appropriately diagnose new opportunity areas, and address new concepts for improved growth


Support for Transfer

Seamless hand off for Operational Transition

Provide Execution Plan

Qualify Management To Deliver Concept

  • Finalize your Concept with Leadership Team

  • Get Executive sign off on concept goals

  • We will prepare appropriate documentation and materials to ensure a seamless transition

  • Deliver concept from Research & Development to Culinary Operations to lead to a successful product introduction

  • Provide documentation for Operations Training teams

  • Support any reworks and retest to refine product or specifications for final delivery

  • Develop and provide guidelines to consistently adhere to strict product quality standards.
  • Provide summary evaluations for executed quality and product consistently.

  • Conduct preparation and presentational audits to validate items.


Key Consulting Competencies

  • Determine Concept: Identify CEO and Senior Leadership Goals

  • Provide the Creativity: We will identify concept and project scope

  • Innovate: Create new, rework or define "Gold Standard" and innovative solutions

  • Provide Culinary Expertise: define theoretical concept and provide a practical application of culinary innovation principles

  • Define Your Brands Operations Expertise: define the culinary team experience: familiarize and support comfort proposition

  •  Define Level of Operational Capabilities: design products that are appropriate for the talent

  • Support Corporate Financial Goals: plan a well-developed food cost and gross margin proforma with recipe costs

  • Support Consumer Studies: evaluate and embrace consumer feedback study for key milestones in concept process

  • Written Reports: communicate in both written and verbal form with our expert conviction to make concept credible

  • Close Project:  Provide senior management final timeline, deadline summary, and project assessment and summary report

  • Review Future Potentials



Creating Demand

Creating Demand

Study Consumer Trends and Hire "Out Side" The Box Innovators. Your To Busy Doing What you Do Well.

Create Your Own Consumer Trend (Not Someone Else's)

Study Supply Chain Values And Accurate Forecast (Build Your Pipeline)

Create Compelling Food That Fits Your Brand (Stay True To Your Self)

Create Demand With Consumer By Always Having An "Innovative" Menu

Support Operators Always Using Technology To Help Them, Not Cutting Labor

Generate Profit Margins Or Don't Do It! 

Perform Perfect Execution Always & Forever

Have Fun


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